Box set of Tutorials volume 8 (2022)

Trent Kaniuga
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Last updated :November 28, 2022

INCLUDES - Gothic Knight Character Design Workshop

INCLUDES - All Photoshop brushes (CSP and Procreate compatible)

INCLUDES - Easy Art Lessons 26-30 (Male and Female Torso)


INCLUDES - Twilight Monk Game Dev Vlogs (unreleased anywhere else)

This Collection includes extended, uncut and early access to ALL videos I produce this year including 20 minute layer breakdowns, composition techniques, REAL-TIME videos of EVERY painting, color technique breakdowns and processes for all of my paintings that I do in 2022.

I've also included all of my Development Vlogs for the upcoming Twilight Monk Metroidvania game which are unavailable anywhere else. You'll see how I program features into the game and how I solve problems as the game is being developed. Buying this collection of videos also helps fund the Twilight Monk Game and will get you a discount code on the final game on steam when it is released.

NOTE: Get it before the price goes up! New videos will be added several times each month and the price will increase up to the full price in December. If you purchase now, you will get ALL of the updates at no additional charge and at a lower price.

This Box set will collect EVERY video I produce (including deleted + extended Youtube videos) throughout 2022 and contains early unreleased, extended, or unedited 1-3 hour versions of several videos unavailable anywhere else. Unedited videos offer more professional detailed information such as layer breakdowns, layer and filter effects. NOTHING IS HIDDEN. You can learn every technique that I use on concept art for Blizzard, Riot, Epic games and for my own books as well as insights not revealed anywhere else. These secrets and insider discussions are NOT YouTube friendly, and are intended for serious artists looking to develop their skills in the professional field of concept art and illustration.

I've also tried to include exclusives, deleted or alternate commentaries, tips for managing finances, getting jobs, keeping clients happy, working with managers and other tips for pursuing art as a career, and bonus wallpapers that won't be found anywhere else.

Note: Downloads have been disabled due to piracy issues.


-All current photoshop+procreate+sketchbook pro brushes and gradients.

VID - Merchant Cart Real Time

VID - Darook Azir Desert Ruins Real Time

VID - Rabidhi Desert Real Time

VID - Frozen Mountain Real Time

VID - Creator Commentary The SECRET meaning behind CreeD Reimaginary

VID - Use this trick to never quit and always win... eventually

VID - Is an Art Career Too Risky?

VID - If I were starting over an art career in 2022

VID - Game Development in 2002 VS NOW

VID - Strategies for Success in 2022

VID - Artist VS the Algorithm

VID - Clip Studio VS Photoshop - CSP first impressions

VID - The Time I LOST EVERYTHING - and what I learned

VID - Dragon shrine layer breakdown

VID - Artist Traps! Too many unfinished projects

VID - Reimagining Pokemon Legends Arceus

VID - Getting started with Digital art (tools and equipment)

VID - Don't write books like this (things I learned from writing 4 illustrated novels)

VID - Clever character design in Horizon Forbidden West

VID - Designing Zoltun Kulle for Diablo 3

VID - Do you need to draw guides in every drawing?

VID - Art Theft vs Art Studies (when is it stealing?)

VID - Coilscar Commander 6 hours real time (from the Hearthstone Workshop udpate)

VID - I cant do this anymore. Quitting big game development to make an indie game

VID - IcyCaverns layer breakdown for HD platformer art

VID -IcyCaverns HD platformer level concept Real time 4.5 hours

VID - Its Finished when I SAY it's Finished!

VID - Twilight Monk Game Dev Vlogs 1-3

VID - Animating in photoshop - Frost Bat example

VID - Painting/Sketching The Batman (1 hour)

VID - The Batman sketch + film analysis

VID - Strange Company book cover 3 hours

VID - Frozen Mountain 3 hours

VID - Frustrated with art?

VID - Gothic Knight Character Design Workshop

VID - When your dream seems impossible and hopless

VID - Freelancers guide - what no one talks about.

VID - Will AI replace concept artists?

VID - Cataclysm 2 hour painting

VID - Necrolord Draka Hearthstone card 3 hours

VID - Some people will NEVER like your art

VID - How to sell your art

VID - Beginners guide to Camtasia (screen capture + video editing)

VID - Easy Art Lessons 26 Drawing the Male Torso

VID - Easy Art Lessons 27 Painting the Male Torso + painting human muscles

VID - 15 rules for surviving the Art Business. (extended)

VID - Is art school a ripoff in 2022?

VID - Beginners guide to clip studio paint 2022

VID - Map out your dream life art career path guide

VID - Design a mascot! Brains design for Lawyers and Dragons.

VID - Top 5 mistakes beginner artists make

VID - Help, I don't know WHAT TO DRAW!

VID - Blue Flame 1 hour.

VID - Failure and determination. Never stop never stopping

VID - Fixing Mage Ai's Trash art. - fixing hands

VID - Spike Slug 1 hr

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Box set of Tutorials volume 8 (2022)

26 ratings
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