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Diablo 3 Environment Concept Art Workshop "Overgrown Dungeon"

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This workshop breaks down the exact same process that I created for Blizzard Entertainment when I designed locations for Diablo 3. Never before has such a revealing insight into my pipeline been revealed.

You will learn:

  • What does a task description look like?
  • How to manage your schedule to hit deadlines.
  • How to plan out your composition and themes
  • How to graybox your scene to support the gameplay design using free 3d software (Blender 2.8).
  • How to think creatively within the predefined gameplay space.
  • How to incorporate story into your setting to make it more believable.
  • How to use color cheats to create variants and explorations in seconds
  • How to save time using painted looking photos.
  • Tips for nailing that signature "Diablo 3" style.
  • How to create concepts that inspire, and excite players.

This workshop is designed to teach you everything I know about creating isometric environments. I worked at Blizzard for 6 years and helped to develop the entire concept art pipeline that the company still uses today. This workshop breaks down that entire pipeline and gives you a sample task to work on for your own portfolio for any Isometric dark fantasy game studio. If you keep hearing that "you need more experience", this workshop will help you to understand how concept art is used on games like Diablo 3.

This workshop NOT FOR BEGINNERS.

This workshop is intended for intermediate to advanced artists who are ready to find employment. If you are still learning the basics of digital art, I recommend that you purchase my Easy Art Lessons, or my other Box Sets of Tutorials.

Includes Blender 2.8 graybox tutorial.

This workshop is included in the 2020 VOL6 box set of Tutorials as well.

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Diablo 3 Environment Concept Art Workshop "Overgrown Dungeon"

43 ratings
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