Gothic Knight Character Design Workshop

Trent Kaniuga
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Last updated: May 17 2022

Design a Gothic Knight in the style and learn the character design process from a pro that has worked in video games for 20 years. In this 4.5 hour workshop, you will learn the same process that I used to create over 70% of the armor and costume designs for Diablo 3 and other characters for various games over the years.

You're going to learn how to construct an effective character design sheet from start to finish with explanations break downs for the design decisions you will face when designing a character. I created this workshop for artists who specifically want to create characters for video games, because no one else has workshops like this. You'll learn THE REAL process that pros experience at most game studios.

Lesson 1 - Body type and function

Lesson 2 - Design principles and infusing story

Lesson 3 - Detailed design Front View part 1

Lesson 4 - Detailed design Front View part 2

Lesson 5 - Back View and callouts

Lesson 6 - Colorize Grayscale and Painting materials

Bonus Lesson - How to paint Metal Armor in the Dark Souls style.

NOTE- If you still struggle with anatomy or basic lighting, this course will be too advanced for you. You should take my EASY ART LESSONS to learn the fundamentals of art before taking this workshop.

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