Making Comics - From idea to print "CreeD Re-imaginary edition"

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Making Comics - From idea to print "CreeD Re-imaginary edition"

Trent Kaniuga
23 ratings

NOTE - This video series is also collected in the 2021 (volume 7) Box set of tutorials.

I've been an indie comic book creator since I was 16 years old. Let me teach you everything that I've have learned, and save yourself YEARS of trial and error.

In this this video series you'll learn:

-How I come up with an idea for a book, and turn it into a script.

-How I lay out pages and keep them exciting! (storyboarding basics)

-How to letter your pages using digital software such as photoshop or Sketchbook Pro.

-How to ink your artwork on paper (tools + techniques)

-How to color your artwork to make pages that don't look like a bag of skittles. (color theory).

-How to prepare your files to be sent to the printer.

-How to self publish a physical copy of your book.

-Also contains Insights and vlogs as I track the success of the CreeD indiegogo campaign (featuring insights from million dollar comic book campaign creators!)


Part 1 - The Big idea

Part 2- Idea to Script

Part 3 - Schedule the project

Part 4 - Storyboards

Part 5 - Page Layouts Part A and Part B

Part 6 - Inking

Part 7 - Coloring Line art

Part 8 - Lettering

Part 9 - Create PDF for print

Part 10 - Printing + distributing your comic

BONUS -Audio Blogs of Indiegogo campaign

BONUS - Real Time process + production techniques

BONUS - Inking with gouache CreeD Reimaginary #2 cover

BONUS - Colorizing line art CreeD Reimaginary #2 cover

BONUS - Cover breakdown CreeD Reimaginary #2 cover

BONUS - Inking CJ flying over New York

BONUS - Skeeziks attack! inking 2 page spread

BONUS - Private fishes inking and colors 1 hour

BONUS - Mark and Lamplight colors

BONUS - Book 2 page 20 colors

BONUS - Cyberfrog, Snowman, CreeD variant cover colors 1.5 hours

BONUS - CreeD vs Cyberfrog cover repaint 2.5 hours

BONUS - Remastering book 2 various pages part 1

BONUS - CJ saves Mark thumbnails (digital storyboarding)

BONUS - CreeD page 28 reworked (commentary + workflow)

BONUS - Remastering book 2 various pages part 1 (2 hours of coloring techniques)

NOTE - This workshop focuses on the above techniques and processes to help you get your first comic book printed. It does NOT contain tutorials on anatomy, perspective, lighting, or other fundamental art skills. Please check out my EASY ART LESSONS series for studying the fundamentals.

I want this!
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