Creature Design workshop

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Creature Design workshop

Trent Kaniuga
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Would you like to create creatures for video games, or fantasy illustrations? Let me show you the process that I've used for the past 17 years at companies like Blizzard, and Riot games. Most people don't know the internal process that a studio would use to develop creatures, and very few pros are teaching the ACTUAL studio PIPELINE. If you're looking for game industry EXPERIENCE, this is the kind of workshop that will show you how the pros do it.

You will learn how we create creatures for clients as well as many photoshop tricks to develop your skills. Everyone knows that I don't like to just give you a single lesson. These tutorials will show you HOW TO LEARN on your own, well beyond the 2.5 hour workshop.

I've helped countless artists go pro. let me help you to UP YOUR GAME. And DON"T FORGET TO SHARE YOUR PROGRESS with me on twitter! I RT all of my student's homework and love to see artists overcome their limitations and achieve their art dreams!


-How to come up with creature design ideas that your clients and art director will love.

-Choosing colors that work well together

-A few Photoshop shortcuts to save time

-Creature anatomy + posing basics

-Industry standard process/workflow and what an art director expects

-Making your creatures more dynamic

-How to use reference in your painting

-How fast should you be working in a studio?

-How to continue to grow on your own well after these lessons.

I want this!
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