Box Set of Tutorials Vol 6 (All 2020 videos)

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Box Set of Tutorials Vol 6 (All 2020 videos)

Trent Kaniuga
57 ratings

Last updated : DECEMBER, 30, 2020

INCLUDES: 2020 photoshop brushes (compatible with Procreate)

INCLUDES: 2020 photoshop gradient maps

INCLUDES 2020 Sketchbook Pro brushes.

INCLUDES Easy Art Lessons 21-26

INCLUDES Warcraft Icon Workshop - Frost Nova 1-5

INCLUDES Diablo 3 Overgrown Dungeon Concept art workshop

INCLUDES Creature Design Workshop

NOTE: Get it before the price goes up! New videos will be added every month and the price will increase throughout the year up to the full price in December.  If you purchase now, you will get ALL of the updates at no additional charge and at a lower price. 

This Box set will collect every video I produce throughout 2020 and contains early released, extended, or unedited 1-3 hour versions of several videos unavailable anywhere else. Unedited videos offer more professional detailed information. NOTHING IS HIDDEN. You can learn every technique that I use on concept art for Blizzard, Riot, Epic games and for my own books as well as insights not revealed anywhere else. These secrets and insider discussions are NOT YouTube friendly, and are intended for serious artists looking to develop their skills in the professional field of concept art and illustration. 

I've also tried to include exclusives, deleted or alternate commentaries, tips for managing finances, getting jobs, keeping clients happy, working with managers and other tips for pursuing art as a career, and bonus wallpapers that won't be found anywhere else.

Note: Downloads have been disabled due to piracy issues. 


-Common cover layout mistakes! EXTENDED (30 minutes)

-BONUS - extended Composition. Color balance, How to get paper textures.

-Twilight Monk Secrets of Kung Fulio Posterr #1 3 hour video (3 hours)

-BONUS - Snorthog - straight to paint process breakdown

-Twilight Monk Secrets of Kung Fulio Poster January 2020 (3 hours)

-Protector of Crescent Isle - Secrets of Kung Fulio alternate cover (2 hours)

-BONUS - extended - value + saturation contrast + gradient overlays (20 min)

-Into the Soulstream layerbreakdown (Gradient Maps + detail contrast + value contrast)

-Into The Soulstream - Twilight Monk wallpaper (2.5 hours)

-What tools do Pro concept artists use and cant I just work on paper?

-BONUS - Gray layerbreakdown (12 minute layer breakdown)

-DeathsHead (2hr video)

-DeathsHead dissectional (10 minute layer breakdown)

-Design Challenge - sci fi handguns (commentary + 1 hour video)

-Why most artists stop growing

-BONUS - Sci Fi Handguns process breakdown (10 minute construction guide to designing handguns)

-BONUS - painting inked line art tutorial- Longtongue darksprite

-Do you need to draw every day?

-Do I have good work/life balance?

-My first real art job (retrospective)

-I can't draw today.

-Ancient Tenza 2 hour video

-Make it POP! Composition rendering tricks (17 min)

-Indie Creators Shape the world! (15 minutes)

-Overwatch Aquatic Moon Concept art tour (18 minutes)

-Everything is awful now?

-Everything is awesome - reacting to your reaction

-Make your own indie game in your free time. Heres what you'll need.

-Ancient Tenza layer breakdown + commentary- Adding color to the Spite Darksprite

-Those Other art jobs in the game industry (Unedited)

-Paint Impossibly fast

-CreeD Inking "Faith In Ghosts" cover.

-Easy Art Lessons 21-25 + 3 BONUS digital art videos

-Artist Vs Recession

-Sleezle and Dire Muck (2.5 hours)

-Artist trap - Too slow or too cheap (extended version)

- Undead_and_beast1.5hr

-Whats an Art House? What does Aquatic Moon do?

- Crescent isle _ side view_and_structures_3hours

- Cosmic Ancient Tenza 2 hours

-Jumpstart a art career in 2020 (20 minute extended video)

-Warcraft Frost Nova Icon workshop 1-5 + templates

-Should you give up on your art dream?

-Monetize your art

-Find your audience - artist guide to going indie

-Design iconic locations

-BONUS Slime King + reflective surfaces + story in character design

-Crescent Isle Docks 2 hours

-Slax Slime King 1 hour uncut

-Darksprite Nox _transforms 1 hour uncut

-Diablo 3 concept art workshop (overgrown castle) + templates + Blender Graybox tutorial

-Crescent Isle Market - 2 hours (no commentary)

-Rins secret Ninja hideout 1.5 hours (no commentary)

-Pro Artist at 16!? My first published comics

-Social Media for artists made easy!

-Drawing a scene Photoshop line art techniques (Basic Breakdown)

-Use Indesign to make art books and comics (ESSENTIAL TRICKS)

-Legal talk with Rick Hoeg - Is it legal to sell fan art? Affordable legal advice? Start a LLC?

-How the Ninja Turtles saved my life - plus TMNT time lapse

-Prioritize your art projects

-Flaming chicken transform 1.5 hours

-Carrot Farm 1.5 hour video (No commentary)

-Innovator16 review

-Toby's over Crescent Isle Market (2 hours)

-Artist traps! Don't be a downer dude!

-Artist Traps! Bad contracts

-Art project looks awful. Start over?

-Tobys and market x2 speed (1.5 hours)

-Artist traps - bad contracts

-artist traps - bad attitude

-Environment concept art - the secret sauce

-comic style to painted style step by step techniques

-Art project looks awful. Should I start over?

-XP PEN artist24Pro + Crescent Isle side of island watercolor style painting

-No jobs for stylized artists?

-Crescent isle side island watercolor 1 hr

-10 minute box drawing challenge

-My ULTRA SECRET watercolor techniques

-Portfolio Review (Billy Bacsko) 1 hour

-Tean Riraz digital inking near Real Time process

-How NOT to email a pro artist for help

-Signs you should STOP chasing an art career.

-Irokomancer 1.5 hour real time

-So you want to be a youtube artist? It's awesome.

-So you want to be a comic book creator? Reality exposed.

-So you want to be a concept artist in video games? Truth revealed.

-Tyrus Rechs "guns out" wallpaper 1.5 hour video

-Making comics vs Making games

-Your art is NOT WORTHLESS!

-ARTISTS TRAP! NOT promoting your art.

-November concept art challenge Cyberpunk vending machines

-Val Portfolio review and paintover

-Mason Portfolio review and paintover

-Creature design workshop videos 1-7 (2.5 hours)

-Find your lighthouse and never stray

-Snowman Comic book cover process + Uncut 1.5 hr video

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