Easy Art Lessons 1-20 (Learn to draw on paper!)

Trent Kaniuga
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This box collects EASY ART LESSONS 1-20 and is designed for BEGINNERS to learn how to draw quickly!


Would you like to learn how to draw? It's not as difficult as you might think! These VIDEO GUIDED lessons are designed for the beginner with little or no drawing experience to learn the basics, and start creating AMAZING artwork with nothing but pencil and paper after only one day!

Your friends will be impressed with how quickly you will be able to draw and shade objects in just a few hours.


Learning the fundamentals of drawing doesn't have to be boring. You don't need to stress out over some checklist of mathematical equations to draw cool stuff. I've developed the EASY ART method to get straight to the point in STEP BY STEP real-time lessons that you can follow along with.  Each lesson contains homework for you to practice, and improve on your own. After a few days you'll be able to draw and render characters, place them in an environment and make your world come alive all on paper. These skills will be ESSENTIAL for any artist to transition into digital or 3d to work in games or on your own comics or novels.


Lessons 1-5 (Fundamentals of rendering form and lighting)

  • Which tools you need
  • How to improve your line art (confident lines)
  • How to draw a sphere with depth!
  • How shadows are cast
  • How to create objects in perspective
  • How to draw a AWESOME treasure chest
  • How to draw a AWESOME barrel
  • Most importantly you'll learn HOW TO LEARN ART RAPIDLY!

Lessons 6-10 (Environments)

  • -how to block out structures in perspective
  • -align objects with each other in perspective
  • -how to create depth
  • -apply shadows to complex constructions
  • -how to cluster details to not look boring
  • -tips for how to tell story in your drawings
  • -best practices for self improvement

Lessons 11-15 (Characters + posing)

  • How to build a mental model of a skeleton (the foundation of a human figure)
  • How to pose that skeleton dynamically and where to get ideas
  • How to communicate personality and emotion in body language
  • How to study anatomy and improve on your own
  • How to render muscles and build a mental library for muscle groups
  • How to render the human body with believable shadows

Lessons 16-20 (Faces)

  • How to block out the head and measure features such as eyes, noses, mouths and ears.
  • Angle the head in interesting dynamic ways.
  • How to render features on the face.
  • Make characters look older or younger.
  • Draw male faces and female faces.
  • Draw various ethnicities.

I've also included over 5 hours of bonus content to dive deeper into idrawing. These bonus videos will help with grasping the concepts presented in each subject more thoroughly so that you can continue to learn rapidly on your own and launch your art career, or begin to develop that story that you've always wanted to tell.

Note- All video content is now streaming only.

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Easy Art Lessons 1-20 (Learn to draw on paper!)

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