Box Set of Tutorials Vol 7 (All 2021 videos)

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Box Set of Tutorials Vol 7 (All 2021 videos)

Trent Kaniuga
41 ratings

Last updated :December 31, 2021

INCLUDES 2021 Stylized Landscape Painting 1-20

INCLUDES: 2021 Making Comics Workshop (CreeD Re-imaginary edition)

INCLUDES: 2021 photoshop brushes (compatible with Procreate)

INCLUDES: 2021 photoshop gradient maps

INCLUDES: 2021 Sketchbook Pro brushes.


This Collection includes extended, uncut and early access to ALL videos I produce this year including 20 minute layer breakdowns, composition techniques, color techniques and processes for all of my paintings that I do in 2021.

NOTE: Get it before the price goes up! New videos will be added several times each month and the price will increase up to the full price in December. If you purchase now, you will get ALL of the updates at no additional charge and at a lower price.

This Box set will collect EVERY video I produce (including deleted + extended Youtube videos) throughout 2021 and contains early unreleased, extended, or unedited 1-3 hour versions of several videos unavailable anywhere else. Unedited videos offer more professional detailed information such as layer breakdowns, layer and filter effects. NOTHING IS HIDDEN. You can learn every technique that I use on concept art for Blizzard, Riot, Epic games and for my own books as well as insights not revealed anywhere else. These secrets and insider discussions are NOT YouTube friendly, and are intended for serious artists looking to develop their skills in the professional field of concept art and illustration.

I've also tried to include exclusives, deleted or alternate commentaries, tips for managing finances, getting jobs, keeping clients happy, working with managers and other tips for pursuing art as a career, and bonus wallpapers that won't be found anywhere else.

Note: Downloads have been disabled due to piracy issues.


-All current photoshop+procreate+sketchbook pro brushes and gradients.

-IrokoMancer dissectional layer and technique breakdown.

-CJ flying over New York pencils and inks 40 minute video with commentary

-CJ flying over New York comic colors layer breakdown + warped perspective tips.

-CreeD headshot 20 minute commentary and remaster process

-CreeD falls into the dreamworld color process 30 minute

-CreeD runs from skeeziks digital sketching + composition commentary 20 minutes

-CreeD runs from skeeziks digital coloring process 40 minute commentary + breakdown

-70% of artists fail at this

-Trents rules for art channel success

-Are you SURE you want to be a concept artist? EXTENDED

-Cintiq 16 THE tablet for creating comics

-Art Test Mistakes

-When are you ready to sell your art?

-Tricks for coloring line art

-Art and Anxiety

-My art at age 17. CreeD 1+2 retrospective

-Translating the Overwatch Concept Artist JOB LISTING


Part 1 - The Big idea

Part 2- Idea to Script

Part 3 - Schedule the project

Part 4 - Storyboards

Part 5 - Page Layouts Part A and Part B

Part 6 - Inking

Part 7 - Coloring Line art

Part 8 - Lettering

Part 9 - Create PDF for print

Part 10 - Printing + distributing your comic

BONUS -Audio Blogs of Indiegogo campaign

BONUS - Real Time process + production techniques

BONUS - Inking with gouache CreeD Reimaginary #2 cover

BONUS - Colorizing line art CreeD Reimaginary #2 cover

BONUS - Cover breakdown CreeD Reimaginary #2 cover

BONUS - Inking CJ flying over New York

BONUS - Skeeziks attack! inking 2 page spread

BONUS - Private fishes inking and colors 1 hour

BONUS - Mark and Lamplight colors

BONUS - Book 2 page 20 colors

BONUS - Cyberfrog, Snowman, CreeD variant cover colors 1.5 hours

BONUS - CreeD vs Cyberfrog cover repaint 2.5 hours

BONUS - Remastering book 2 various pages part 1

BONUS - CJ saves Mark thumbnails (digital storyboarding)

BONUS - Remastering book 2 various pages part 1 (2 hours of coloring techniques)

-The art of the redraw

-Can't i just pitch my game idea and let a developer make it?

-Advice for artists in high school

-Iggy Ikeda character concept 2021 (1hour)

-Sapphire Character design 2021 (1hour)

-Total Noobs guide to photoshop

-Dealing with Haters

-Resident Evil 8 concept art reaction

-realistic concept art challenge in 1 hour (full hour, real time)

-What every character designer needs to know.

-Irokomancer and minions Color 2 hours

-Fixing the Manga artists schedule

-Fortune and glory in concept art

-what every character designer needs to know.

-Outside City of Liongate 3 hours

-Outside City of Liongate dissectional/layer breakdown

-Do you need to be popular on social media to get concept art jobs?

-Rin's ninja owl hideout color pass 1.5 hours

-5 ways to get game industry experience (when you don't have experience)

-The Character Design of Final Fantasy 7 Analysis

-The SnakePit 1.5 hours sketch

-Are you a PREMIUM artist or a BUDGET artist?

-How to draw Nox expressions and camera angles

-The Character Design of Metal Gear series analysis  1hr

-The struggle makes you stronger - don't give up.

-Doomed Raziel painting 1.5 hours (x3 pseed)

-Paint fast! But HOW!? -Doomed Raziel layer breakdown and techniques

-Is it awful to work in the game industry?

- Breaking in . Junior artists do what?!

-Breaking in Your first Junior game artist job version 2

- Psychonauts 2 illustration 2 hours

- Doomed Raziel character design sheet 3 hours

-Do you have to love the art style you work in?

-Desert city blacksmith 2hours

-Designing an environment. what to think about

-Desert city square 1.5hours

-Speed vs quality

-Stylized Landscape painting lessons 1-10

Stylized Landscape painting lessons 11-20

-A place for difficult artists

-A quick holiday message

-Livestream #1 first livestream

-Livestream #2 crunch in the game industry

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