Landscape Painting Workshop Lessons 1-10

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Landscape Painting Workshop Lessons 1-10

Trent Kaniuga
59 ratings

Last updated November 8 2021

Includes 4 hours of step by step tutorials with explanation + real time video. Learn to paint stylized fantasy landscapes from the concept artist of World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, League of Legends and Fortnite.  

These are the processes that I have used to dissect the different art styles of these games and create unique and exciting locations for the worlds biggest video games for the past 20 years!

These videos are close to real time in speed (Also will include "real time" as a separate video , and I stop several times to break down the exact layer effects, compositional techniques, values and brush techniques to achieve the look in the example image and others. 

You’ll learn:

-Multiple methods to create depth.

-Composition mistakes and how to avoid them

-Basic color picking and color theory

-how to cast shadows on your environment

-How to give your environment a story

-How to achieve a natural brush look

-How to make your colors pop!

-Set time of day

-How to build a component system to paint landscapes in less time!

MOST IMPORTANTLY - You’ll learn how to learn to paint landscapes in ANY art style you want!


Lesson 1 - How to study- "Training your visual vocabulary"

Lesson 2 - Sketch an original scene with what you've learned

Lesson 3 - Create a Fortnite style landscape from scratch

Lesson 4 - Painting with color.mp4

Lesson 5 - Final touches MWAH!.mp4

Lesson 6 - Painting Rocks + Rock studies.mp4

Lesson 7 - Evergreen Tree Studies.mp4

Lesson 8 - Deciduous Tree Studies.mp4

Lesson 9 - Painted Clouds.mp4

Lesson 10 - Stylized Clouds.mp4

WARNING: This is an intermediate painting course and is designed for people with some digital art experience. If you’re a beginner and still struggling with perspective or casting shadows or if you do not know how to use a digital art program - then I recommend that you purchase my EASY ART LESSONS to learn the fundamentals of drawing first. 

I want this!
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