Trent's Sketchbook Pro Tutorials selection (Tutorial Collection)

Trent Kaniuga
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Last Updated October 30, 2018

Note- You may download these files but please do not distribute them freely. 

By popular demand, this collection cherry picks all of the Sketchbook Pro tutorial content that I've created over the past few years. It is designed for beginners to professionals. It starts out with a basic rundown of the software interface. Then it takes you into how to create your own brushes and then how to use layers without fuss. If you're confused AT ALL about how to use sketchbook pro to get professional results, you wont be after this series of tutorials and videos. I've also included many of my uncut 2-3 hour videos so that you can dissect my process and learn all of my layer techniques and brush techniques. These are all of my Sketchbook Pro secrets. 

I also cover several fundamentals of drawing to help you improve your composition and rendering skills.

NOTE- ALL of this content can be obtained in my box sets volume 2, 3, and 4.

You will learn:

How to create your own brushes

How to import brush sets

How to use color effects

How to use and manage layers

How to set up your canvas

How to dodge and burn to add more punch to your paintings

How to compose your scene

How to draw in perspective

How to manage your files

How to import brushes

How to create better character designs

How to draw shapes and forms for character poses

Includes the following videos:

VID - Beginners guide to sketchbook pro

VID - Custom Brushes 1 +2

VID - Canvas Setup and importing reference

VID - Coloring with Layers

VID - Clipping masks and selections

VID - Chain Brush tutorial

VID - Weapon Design and symmetry tool

VID - Alpha textures and transparency

VID - Thumbnail tips and composition

VID - Hanna Solo character drawing

VID - How to draw Pikachu

VID - How to draw Chespin

VID - Hearthstone Banner art

VID - The last Orchid character illustration

VID - Cyborg Heavy character illustration

VID - Legend of Zelda Character Illustration

VID - Cloud Strife character illustration

VID - Fish n Ships Vehicle concept art

VID - Crash Bandicoot character illustration

VID - Megaman Legends Character design

VID - Ghost in the SHell character illustration

VID - Creature Design workshop

VID - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character illustration

VID - Metroid character Illustration

VID - Cyborg ninja kid character illustration

VID - Spirit of Winter character illustration

VID - Cyborg Samurai illustration

VID - Ikeda character concept 1.5 hours

VID - Ikeda character concept commentary

VID - Old man meatboy 1 hour

VID - Old man meatboy commentary

VID - How to Paint your Dragon commentary

VID - How to paint your dragon 2 hours

Note- Due to piracy and illegal distribution, all video content is now streaming only.

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Trent's Sketchbook Pro Tutorials selection (Tutorial Collection)

33 ratings
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